Gippsland Lakes Kayak Hire

              "take a walk on the lake"

What To Bring Kayak Fishing

We all need to know what is required when kayak fishing, Below is a basic list. One important thing is know your limits there are rules and regulations for fishing Victorian waterways.


Comfortable clothing! Dress for the weather. Shoes can get uncomfortable while kayaking however if you own water shoes or runners that you don't mind getting wet they would be best if you wish to wear shoes. Also don't forget your hat!

Fishing Rod/s

Every fisherman needs a rod or 2. What type of rod you choose depends on what fish species you are targeting and what type of rod you prefer. When you book we can discuss your best options                                                                                          with you if you are unsure of where to start

Victorian Fishing License

The must have for all fishing on Victorian waterways, if you don't have one head to here to buy yours.

Food and Drink

Depending on the length of your fishing trip will depend on how much you will need, water is recommended for drinking as well as snacks in smaller packets. Keep in mind that all rubbish should be kept with you and placed in a bin on return


Your basic tackle bag should at the very least contain the following:

  • Hooks
  • Sinkers
  • Swivels
  • Fishing Knife
  • scissors
  • Net
  • mono-filament
  • ruler or brag mat (supplied)
  • Lip Grippers (supplied)
  •                                                                                    Pliers

Bait, Lures and Soft Plastics

What to use? This question we are asked quite often and it is not simple to answer, however depending on the species of fish depends on what to use. Different Species feed on different things, making it hard to tell you what it is you need exactly. Use what you are most comfortable with and when you book with us ask us what is currently biting and what to use to get your catch.

Optional Extras

Camera - get a picture of your catch

Video Camera - Video your catch

Jacket - in case of weather change

Recommended Extras

Mobile Telephone - for emergencies and to keep in touch with us